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Prospecting Systems

Prospecting Systems

You do not need to find an expensive marketing guru to give ideas for increasing your insurance prospecting results. Instead what you need is proven and unique methods of prospecting that deliver consistent results. We understand that the independent insurance agent faces the marketing position of selling financial guidance, which means that all campaigns will not work the same for every prospect. That’s why we have a variety of niche prospecting systems that work.

Brokers’ Choice of America continues to provide distinctive prospecting systems that deliver field tested results and take the guessing out of marketing efforts. BCA will help you to identify and focus on lead generation tools that blend well with your business model, and help you to grow your clientele.

Niche Direct Mail Systems – Unique and time tested mailing that get results.

Newspaper Advertising – Field tested unique newspaper prospecting that works, simple - sleek with results.

BCA Marketing Systems – This is a broad category of uniquely developed turn-key systems that are available. For more information call your business development advisor today.

Radio Show – Unique to BCA – our founder himself will help you to develop and tweak your radio show to get results. Learn about benchmarking and developing unique content for each show. Learn about the valuable resources available to you that BCA can offer.

Tax Preparation Program – Turn-key program designed to help you identify new prospects right in your own marketplace. Compliance approved year round marketing campaign complete with ads and follow up. Proven results – agent tested.