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Sales Leadership

What makes us different?

Did you know that many of the agents that work with BCA have been with us for more than 10 years? Now that's saying something! BCA's mission is to provide superior office and marketing support through dedication and commitment to you the independent agent. Each of our insurance business development departments are specifically designed to meet your needs, from company branding, to marketing material, seminar material, educational resources, economic debriefing teleconferences, contracting, commission management and even shipping.

BCA is the leader in the concept of a Business Development Advisor. Your BDA's sole responsibility and focus is your business growth and success. They receive ongoing training each year so they can keep you on top of the industry and recent trends. Your BDA will work with you to coordinate each of our services and educational opportunities as well as assist you with product knowledge, case design, planning, marketing ideas and cutting edge sales techniques.