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BCA spotlights annuities as a core foundation to any long-term financial plan. Annuities provide tax deferral of interest and the option of a guaranteed monthly income for life. An annuity product will provide your clients with an income stream they will not out live while providing protection for their original investment from the ups and downs of the stock market.

BCA focuses specifically on Fixed Annuity products. Some Fixed Annuities, known as Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities, will lock-in a current interest rate for a set period of time as well as protect your client's original principle. Another type of Fixed Annuity, an Indexed Annuity, will allow your client to enjoy positive growth based on a particular index while also protecting the original principle from any decline due to adverse market conditions.

For more information on our available annuity products click here to access our online Product Reference Guide for live data or contact your Business Development Advisor today.